Nędza (until 1954, the Markowice commune) – a rural commune in Poland located in the Silesian Voivodeship, in the Racibórz district. In the years 1975-1998, the administrative district belonged to the Katowice province. In the commune there are 1804 residential buildings, 435 farms, 211 entities conducting business activity, of which 182 are production and craft enterprises, one school and gymnasium (Nędza), 3 schools and kindergarten teams (Zawada Książęca, Górki Śląskie and Babice) and one kindergarten (Nędza). The seat of the commune’s authorities is Nędza.

Nędza commune is located in the western part of the Silesian Voivodeship in the upper reaches of the Odra River. It borders on the north and east with the Kuźnia Raciborska commune, on the south with the Lyski commune and the city of Racibórz, on the west with the Rudnik commune situated behind the Odra river.

The southern part of the commune with fish ponds and villages of Łęg, Zawada Książęca and Ciechowice belongs to the Odra valley, which, like the area of ​​the village of Nędza, belongs to the Raciborska Valley. The eastern part of the commune is located on the Rybnik Plateau, belonging to the Silesian Upland. The area of ​​the commune is crossed by two railway lines between Racibórz – Kędzierzyn and Rybnik – Kędzierzyn. In addition, there are convenient road connections with all major cities in the region via national roads 422, 919 and 922.

source: Wikipedia

Address: Sportowa 13, 47-440 Nędza, Poland

N 50.158028
E 18.303894